Top 10 Ways to Reduce the Rental on Online Hired Cars in Kolkata

The hired cars are fast gaining popularity in Kolkata. People are hiring cars from online portals. The market is getting more promising day by day thanks to the tech-savvy youngsters and middle-aged corporate population. The domestic car hire services are adding value besides the multi-national companies. In this scenario, one needs to erase a few wrong notions like hiring a car online is costlier than hiring a usual yellow cab. Below-mentioned, top 10 ways of reducing the rental charges of hired cars have been enlisted. Let us take a look!

1. Book in advance: It is always a hassle-free way of hiring cars from online portals. Yes, we are talking about the option of advance booking. You will understand its efficacy when you need to hire a car at an airport or railway station. Hiring general taxis from the counter could turn into a nightmare anytime. You can book a car in advance from an online portal at usual rates.

2. Check prices frequently: Searching an aggregator site could be beneficial to find a car hiring site offering services at lowest prices.

3. Adjust the times for pick-up and drop-off: You can tweak the pick-up and drop-off times to hire a car at lowest rates. If you have rented a car on weekly basis, you could extend a day to avail the benefits of low tariffs on weekends.

4. Determine the size of a car as per the number of members: Usually, the rental charges for a car hired online are determined by the size of a car. If you are planning to travel along with 4 family members, why would you pay extra for a big car?

5. Check for the options of unlimited mileage: Ensure that the car you have hired from an online service in Kolkata offers you the benefit of unlimited mileage. Thus, you can take your hired car wherever you wish to without giving a thought about the expense.

6. Check for the options of fuel policy: Different car hire services in Kolkata follow separate fuel policies. Some would require you to return the car with an equal amount of fuel at the time of pick-up. Others would require you to pay for the first refill. However, in the second case, you might not get compensation for extra fuel.

7. Additional taxes and fees levied by different states: If you have booked an outstation service, be ready to pay the state taxes. It is better to gather information beforehand and prepare a budget.

8. Avoid using debit cards: It is better to use credit cards rather than debit cards because there is added protection of consumers and provisions of availing reward points.

9. Ask about reward points: Eligibility for such rewards include being a senior citizen, credit card specials, discounts for frequent fliers and add-on offers.

10. Verify the statement for credit card: After you have completed the process of online booking, check your credit statement for verifying whether any extra charge has been deducted from your account.


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