Car Rental Benefits for the Pandal Hoppers in Kolkata

The biggest festival of the Kolkatans, the ‘Durga Puja’ is knocking at the door. The month of September is going to be full of celebration and fun. Throughout the day, people will roam the streets to explore various kiosks selling edible goods and what not! However, the real action starts in the later hours of the night when revellers start on pandal hopping along with their loved ones. During this time, private car rental services add value to the festive occasions. You will wonder that the list of benefits is quite long. Let us explore them further!

The Benefits of Hiring a Car During ‘Durga Puja’

1. Comfort: During ‘Durga Puja’, the city of Kolkata witnesses choking traffic and bear the brunt of uncomfortable weather conditions. The number of public vehicles is reduced adding to the woes of Durga Puja pandal hoppers. You can bypass all these minus points of the festive season by hiring cars from online car rental services. By a few movements of the mouse, you are getting air-conditioned cars at your doorstep and an immensely informed crew of drivers who know the roads well and can avoid the choking traffic by taking turns into the bylanes.

2. Security: You will ask what about security during the late night rush of pandal hoppers through the length and breadth of the city? Well, security is of highest concern and one must take every step to ensure the safety of our friends and relatives. The providers of car rental services in Kolkata like ‘Grewal Corporation’ thoroughly verifies the credentials of the drivers before recruiting them. Courteous drivers are no less than a boon for the late night pandal hoppers.

3. Cost-Effective: Festive season in Kolkata also witnesses exorbitant demand of fares by the drivers of yellow taxis, auto-rickshaws and other public transport options (apart from the buses). When you hire a ride with Grewal Corporation, you will never experience any hidden charges. The car rental will be clearly mentioned to you.

4. Adding Value to the Celebration: We will agree to the fact that festivals are the time for celebrating joy with our loved ones. Nothing gives much pleasure than going to a festival venue with our family members or a large group of friends. Car rental service providers in Kolkata let you explore the options of multi-seater vehicles so that nobody is left out from your celebration plans.

5. Ease of Booking: The process of booking from the website of ‘Grewal Corporation’ is very simple. You can even book a car via a phone call. Once you book a car, it will reach the stated address. No need to wait!

Many would prefer to explore the advantages of car rental in Kolkata during ‘Durga Puja’. For the pandal hoppers, the options are many and you have to make up your mind to select the one which is the best. We suggest you start your homework from now!


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