Get Around The Summer Blues By Travelling Comfortably in A Hired Car

The searing summer season renders travelling in and around the city a nightmare of sorts. Not only the humid climate dehydrates you of precious salt and water, it turns your travel experience upside down. And given the chaotic traffic situation in Kolkata when getting stranded in a public transport or in your own vehicle becomes a regular fare, it’s about time you do something to beat the heat. However, that is easier said than done for taking your vehicle in the hot sun and humid climate on a regular basis can prove to be counterproductive given the chances of it developing mechanical failure. This is not to discount the chances of peeling away of paint due to oxidation, deposition of dust and grime on the exterior as well as interior.

Is there a way out?
Since travelling cannot be given up during the summer months, availing of car rental services can work out from the economic and comfort point of view. There are car hire services galore in the city of Kolkata with their fleet of cars ranging from the economical to the ultimate in luxury. If you have to regular travel in a public transport to your workplace, which can be a real energy sapping ‘nightmare’ it would make sense if a comfortable car from a car rental company is hired. Even though this would pinch your pocket vis-a-vis travelling in a public transport, you can surely get rid of the energy sapping travel torture.

Travel to the outskirts and beyond
Summer months also mean vacation time for your kids. And keeping children confined to home during this period is definitely not advisable, for this is the time when they can explore the city and beyond. Hence, if you need to take time off your busy schedule to be with the kids in their vacation time take them to places around the city of Kolkata. Moreover, since travelling in public transport is a strict no given the hot and humid climate, it would be advisable to engage car hire services from a car rental company preferably with air conditioning.

Things to keep in mind while hiring cars
The city of Kolkata has its fair share of car hire services where each one of them promises to provide the best of service. This is where verification of the agency is needed by browsing through its online site and read the customers’ feedbacks. Making enquiries from the agency’s neighbourhood would suffice as well. Do check the cars physically by visiting the agency beforehand, and if possible, talk to the driver. It is important to go through the terms and conditions especially the hidden costs (if any). For the last thing you would need is a hefty bill that you never bargained for.

Car rental services have come as a boon for the weary traveller and regular office goer given the pathetic public transportation system and the unbearable weather.


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