Commute To Your Office At Salt Lake Or Rajarhat In Time & Comfort

With Salt Lake and Rajarhat Newtown becoming the hub of new age companies operating in the realm of IT, ITES, KPO, healthcare and hospitality services, thousands of people employed at these two places commute on a daily basis – be it in blazing sun or pouring rain, not to mention during holidays and bandhs as well. One of the major problems that trouble the employees working at these places is reaching the office in time. The problem is indeed acute as during rush hour when traffic moves at a snail’s pace, commuting from a suburb like Joka or Barasat can be an ordeal for sure. And the less is talked about the energy sapping journey in crowded public transport the better.

With such imponderables faced by people, it is often the quality of work that takes a beating. A thoroughly tired employee barely reaching in the nick of time can be hardly expected to make a positive impact on productivity from the word go. Conversely, after a gruelling day of work commuting back to one’s home can be equally tiresome and nerve jangling. And given the 24 x 7 work cycle the corporates operate in, should one needs to leave the office quite late, then getting a transport to reach home can be a real challenge. This is where corporate car rental services in Kolkata can be the force multiplier for corporates. Already these agencies happen to be sort of a lifeline for thousands of commuters who travel in them day in and day out to the above mentioned hub and back.

Why car rental companies?

  • Shift timings: As most companies at these places work almost 24 x 7 given the nature of work they perform, the shift timings can be quite erratic – say 6.00 AM or 2.00 PM. As public transport is not available during such shift timings, it is the corporate car rental services in Kolkata that keeps the city, corporates, clients, and their overseas customers on the move.
  • Airport travel: As more number of people avail the air route to reach their destinations, car rental companies are the best bet when it comes to reach the airport in time – be it at the dawn or in the dead of night. Apart from passengers, there are regular commuters to the airport such as corporate honchos, air hostesses, pilots, crew members or people working there.
  • Trusted drivers: Reputed corporate car rental services in Kolkata employ qualified drivers after carrying out proper background verification. This leads to a build up of greater trust between the driver and riders, especially when the latter happen to be ladies.

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