Rent A Car For Commuting During Monsoons In Kolkata

Kolkata is, undoubtedly, one of the busiest metropolitan cities in the country. You can get hands-on experience if you take a trip to the business hub, Salt Lake or Rajarhat from the far North or South. You will witness a traffic congestion that can easily be compared to other busy cities like Delhi and Mumbai. Hundreds of cars and buses jostle in one place, building traffic and, harassing the commuters to a great extent. And, if it starts raining, miraculously, the number of vehicles seems to increase, especially on the EM Bypass route, thus worsening the situation.
People who are aware of this condition, the regular commuters, for example, make their schedule accordingly so that they reach their destinations on time.

But, what about people who are new in the city?

What if they have an urgent appointment?

Well, if they do not keep some time in hand, no way they are going to reach their respective destinations within the specified time. Even if you get a bus, you will find the crowd so impatient that you will feel like getting down at the next stop. And cabs? Well, it can be really difficult to get a cab to yourself during the office hours.

So, what other option do you have?

How can you reach your destination in time if you are not well-acquainted with the city?

“Enter cars on rent.”

This is an option always open to all commuters, no matter where they come from. You can contact a reliable car rental company in Kolkata to book a cab beforehand so that you do not face traffic hassles during monsoons. Just imagine yourself comfortably seated inside a super-class vehicle when everyone else outside is scurrying along to get shelter from the rains. Some other benefits of renting a car in Kolkata during the monsoons have been listed below:

Stay Prim And Proper
Yes! Almost all of you have faced this situation when you have started from home in proper condition but reached the office like someone just fought in a battle. But, you cannot afford such an incident when you are attending a conference or a seminar. You have to stay prim and proper no matter how. You cannot give your business delegates the impression that you are not fit to attend such corporate meetings where presentability is a primary requirement. So, avoid public transport and book your own car. You will also get saved from all that mud and water when it is pouring outside.

Easy Accessibility
When you have to get somewhere in time, rented cars are better than buses. They won’t halt at every stop and they won’t take more passengers. You will be the sole authority to command the entire trip. Furthermore, there are a few places in Kolkata, for example, the Chingrighata Fly Over, that is open only for cars and lighter vehicles. Buses have to go around the Beliaghata region to enter the Salt Lake Sector 5 route, thus taking more time. Hence, if you have less time in your hand, close your eyes and go for cars on rent.

Alternative Routes
If the driver is knowledgeable enough, he can take you to your destination by avoiding the traffic completely. He will be aware of alternative routes that have less traffic than the main road. This is a significant advantage of hiring cars when you are in a hurry. Furthermore, the waterlogged streets during monsoons make it all the more difficult for cars to move. So, taking an alternative route is the best option.

If you are new here in Kolkata, you should remember one thing. Research precedes references. Have faith in your decision-making ability and research on the web for the best car rental company in the city. Read the reviews, visit the websites and talk to the people if possible. Hire a car when you are completely convinced with their services. Best of luck!


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